“I never knew…”

“… that you had freckles!”

That was the message I got not two weeks ago in an email that, although funny at first, reminded me of how unattached I’ve become to my online community

 An elusive life lived. In the background, you’ve been missed.

I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, alone. He had just left. Smiling, of course. My eyes fell on my face and I started to touch my hair. First thought was how dry it felt. Thick, strong, yet dry. But it was manageable…as things can only be sometimes. So I decided to braid it. But I changed the way I braided it. I always braid it the same ways over and over and…But this time I gathered all of my tresses instead of just pulling from one side or another. No, this time was different. Then I got to thinking about how I’ve never done this before and you want to know the first things that popped into ahead were? Self doubt then courage.

Self doubt then courage.

Something so simple as changing the way I tie up my hair made me doubt myself. If even for just that moment. I told myself to just do it. Nike that shit bitch and viola! I did the deed. 

Going to try and hold on to that Nike frame of mind and believe in myself more. I suppose a blog post is a good a place to start as any lol

So, with all that said…hi! I’m Karla Noél. To get the full background on where I came from just google the name I was formally known as: Karla Dudley. Yes, I believe that can catch you up pretty well on where I started. I don’t remember my old TypePad site but you might run into it if you look up that name lol! The links are shot and it looks a hot mess but it’s still there. Most of it anyway :) To write everything about everything in one post is jus bananas. So we’re gonna scratch all that. Instead I will reintroduce myself back into this online world…slowly. And again, please pardon the dust. I my site has it’s pants down ^_^

In a nutshell I’m an introverted closeted nerd who loves anything creative. Oh…and I make pretty things. Things from digital scrapbooking kits to digital painting. Fonts. Cut Files. Styles. Crocheted afghans…all kinds of goodies. I love making products that people can actually use. Nothing too far out to be worthless. Designs that are modern, classic, universal and timeless. Whether you use my designs to create & document memories or to decorate your walls; I love to making life more enjoyable one design at a time. I will be releasing new items in both my digital and Silhouette shops plus opening up something new. Can’t wait to share more about it in the near future. Can’t wait to get into the swing of things.

Needless to say, many events have occurred since we last “talked.” That would be…hmm let’s see…about 4  years ago! I can definitely say it’s been a journey of great loss, happiness, sorry, blessings pain and the most awesome of pleasures. I suppose the phrase “ready or not…” fits in here. After all, this post was by chance anyway ^_^

In questioning how I feel about blogging again I come up with nervous as hell. But also excited. Yeah, I can say that. Excited. I’m smiling so that’s good too. I’m also not dead (contrary to one bizzar email I received the other day). However, I did cut off all my hair until bald but I’m still alive! And it grew back real quick…no worries lol! I wouldn’t necessarily call it a Britney moment, rather a step taken. I didn’t know how significant cutting my hair was at the time. I didn’t know that it would mark the beginning to the next chapter in my life…

Without beginning from the vague beginning let me get the biggest elephant out of the room. Yes, I’m the chick with the 5 children including two sets of back-to-back twins. Did you catch all that? Lol…yes, that is true. 13 years of wonderful. They are not with me anymore. Since July of ’16. I cry about it sometimes. Only when I think of certain things. Like their smell. The sound of their laughter. Tears never let me down. They’re always there. But I’m maintaining ok. Anyway, the main thing is that they are safe and super happy.

That’s the biggest loss in this story. I won’t talk about them much here. Only to refer to moments in time. I rather it be that way; at least for now…

This blog was the one of the first things I let go. I stopped. At that point I was giving life the middle finger on a daily basis. All but cursed blogging out of my life. Over time I came to realize that it will most likely be one of the main instruments in my survival. That and the love of my first love. We all need someone and something to count on, do and believe in. We need affirmation, love, community and truth. We need light and lessons; blessings and disappointments to grow properly in a steady ebb & flow. My life has been shook, flipped and rearranged. However, I’m not giving up just yet. Besides, There are many, many more gorgeous things to create & share. I’m excited for you to join me on this journey of creation, self growth and healing. And above all: will and love.

Here is a small download for you. This one is for your digital lovers. A little sentiment stamp to adorn whatever floats your creativity lately.

Hopefully you can use these. If you make something snazzy, please let me know through email or in the comments. I’d love to see! I’m sure it will be fabulous ^_^ Ok, let me get off of here and let you all be lol. I’ll most likely be back later today. Gotta get some posts in so my theme can work properly! Ha…sorry test subjects a.k.a first blog subscribers. You’re going to get the brunt of the blog post attack lol! I hope you won’t mind. The things we must to for technology sake.

Welcome to my blog. I appreciate the visit ^_^ 

Ok, I’m out.

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