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Blogging On-The-Go, The Interview and the Unexpected Phone Call

Ok, I finally figured out how I can post on-the-go. Not without kinks but at least I can draft without having to be online. The only things are that I can’t upload zips, I can’t search for links and I’m not able to publish. But, I can save drafts. I have to have wifi for full blogging freedom and I haven’t had internet in quite some time. Blessings just the same. I’m typing this while sitting in the car outside Starbucks. My blogging on-the-go is made possible through a little nifty app called Blogo. It’s not easy to work with but it at least saves my photos while offline so I don’t have to upload them later. The native WordPress app does not. Therefore I’m constantly typing [pic here]…not the jam.

So yeah, I’m really hoping this will help when I have spur of the moment ideas, thoughts and things to share. We’ll see.
If you’re like me and need your pictures at a customer size for your theme, then a resizing app is a must. As many of you bloggers know, one pixel off of a photo can bring on a blurry headache. I use Image Resizer.

Digital painting WIP by Karla Noél


It’s a no frills app that does three main things: rotate, crop and resize. That’s all I need it to do. I’m using my iPhone but there are many image resizing apps out there for both Apple and Android alike. Now I can always have my photos looking sharp across all plateforms. And that’s just what this OCD chick needs in her life ^_~

In another thought, I have to say, my Friday was AWESOME! First, I woke up to a smiling chocolatey man and that was all kinds of good. Then we made our way to the library.

At the library

We go almost everyday. Since we don’t have internet where we are currently staying or on our phones, we have to go the remote route. While at the library I applied for some jobs. It usually takes up my entire time there once I find my comfy groove. On this day we had only a few hours so the total number of jobs I applied for equaled three. I still felt accomplished. After our time there at the library we headed to the mall so I could visit one of the jobs I applied for. I walked in, shook the hand of the hiring manager and said “Hi, my name is Karla. I applied here yesterday and I. Need. This. Job.

“We talked fo an hour. And…I told her everything.”

Right then she asked if I had time for an interview. My humble response? “Oh freak yeah!” We talked for almost an hour. And…I told her everything. You know how you can just read someone and the situation? Even though she was the one holding my fate in her hands and anyone would put on their most proper work ediquette knowing such a fact, I spilled my soul to her. It felt SO damn good. Almost like a confession in a lot of ways. My shoulders were lighter and what’s more, I didn’t cry! (Patting myself on the back for that one) I honestly had no idea if revealing my entire story was going to be a huge mistake or the opposite.

In the interview she asked me to sell her a candle. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “I know that font.” Long story short, I took a chance. I was myself. I was vulnerable. And I got the call the next morning being offered the position. Like I said before, I’m not sure if the route I took was “right.” I know my mom wouldn’t have approved. But it felt right. In my mind it couldn’t have gone any other way. I called her an angle on the phone. We only have a month where we are before we’re back on the streets. I needed this job. So yes, she’s an angel to me.

Next came the phone call that did make me cry. Good tears though, very good. It was Kody on the other line. He called to tell me he started high school and that he’s loving it so far. At first, all I could do was soak up the sound of his voice. I love his voice. I went on asking this question and that. He told me he has several honors classes. Like duh lol…he’s my savant! Then I talked to each of the other four. Here’s what everyone is up to:

  • KODY – Started high school. In honors. Is a computer wiz. Hacks. Does not have a girlfriend yet. Not on social media.
  • KENNEDY – Started 7th grade. Into playing the Viola. Not liking the new school year right now. Into anime. Let me know she’s rockin’ bangs now. Does not have a boyfriend. Not on social media.
  • CHLOÉ – Started 7th grade. Into drawing (like her mom :) and cooking. At the moment she’s exploring Chinese food. School’s cool. Does not have a boyfriend. Not on social media.
  • CHRIS – Started 3rd grade. Loves school. Into building with Legos. Not so quiet anymore. Very polite. Has a girlfriend named Kayley that he has “not yet” kissed. Not on social media.
  • KAYSON – Started 3rd grade. Math genius. Still has love for it. Has a solid group of friends. Tech kid. Does not have a girlfriend. Not on social media.

In case you’re doing the math and scratching your head…that would be 5 kids. And yes, two sets of back-to-back twins. They’re all gems. And I already got the first kiss.

Yeah...this is bliss.

That one phone call made my already awesome day unbelievably legit. I miss them. So proud of them.Moving on with my most epic day like eva…my fiancé and I teamed up in the kitchen for dinner. He’s an un-official chef and it’s been a delicious blast watching him cook and enjoying all the yummy things he makes for me. Seriously, he’s amazeballs! But yeah, he wanted to know if I wanted to make some Brazilian style greens with him. My repeated response from earlier “Oh freak yeah!”

Brazilian style greens, yum-o!

Look at the chop job I did yo. With his guidance I even sautéed them! We added minced garlic and it took less than half the time to make than traditional greens. Shit, I didn’t even need to add hot sauce they were that good. We ate them alongside ‘from scratch’ turkey & bison meatloaf and organic sweet corn. Delicious.

Ok, I better get off this mug. I’ll leave off with a song I jam to when I think of Trumps face:



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